Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Spring is here Series Vase

220 AUD / In stock.
Part of the "Inspired by nature" series - "Spring is here"

Made for the living - 器皿, pronounced "Chimin", by definition it's ware, thing that we use daily, for eating, drinking and to hold things. 

My point of view of making ware, it may not be striking at the first sight, but warm, that draws you in, not quite sure the reason why yourself.
I love the quietness of a piece, it's telling a story, perhaps a place I have been, breeze that I felt, smell of the grass in the wind.

It's a continuous series, as spring is always just around the corner. Love it when the nature starts to bloom and everything turns green.  

I left a ring in the middle, hope when it's full of water it will have the reflection of the sun shinning on the pond. 

Price includes the vase.

Size: 20cm(W) x 12cm(H) (measurements are approx.)

Product number: 10001