Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

SAKURA - Cherry Blossom Bowl-Reserved

250 AUD / In stock.
This was inspired by Japan's cherry blossom, where they would plant it next to the river, and people would sit under the tree gather and have a picnic during that period. The flower starting to drop in the river below.

The green represents the river, carrying the flowers away. Using the contrast in texture and color, showing the cherry blossom fell on the bank of the river. I want to capture that moment, the festival atmosphere, gathering with friends and appreciate the little things in life and the nature. 

You can see some flowers lingering on the bank, would not leave. Like the people that visited the place, wish they could stay a bit longer. The bowl symbolises that.

The bank of a river is coarse, capturing these white delicate petals that have once brought us joy.

Size: 23cm(W) x 8cm(H) (measurements are approx.)