Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Let Loose Series Cup

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LetLoose Series - Couple Cups - Made to fit your hand.

I know the theme is couple cups, but sometimes, only single cup survived... Prehaps one day it will have a match. Not to strike for the moon, just to be on earth for a while. Something that you would like more and more as the day go pass, have delightful findings when you turn it around to the other side.

Couple cups are made in pairs as a set, from the same ball of clay. We drink from a cup everyday, it is an #intimate experience, something you hold with your hands and touches with your lips.

We drink from a cup everyday; it is an intimate experience, something you hold with your hands and touches you lips. There are tight and loosely thrown ceramics, this is a piece that incorporated both methods.

Our life is full of stress, the thought is when you hold and drink from the cup, you find the groove that fits your hand and drink something that relaxes you. Hence the title "Let Loose". It is a reference to the loosely thrown pots and loose tea. The tightly thrown base symbolizes as it gets smaller at the bottom, so is our stress. And transforms to the loosely thrown body where the form fits your hand and touches you lips.

Size: 9-10cm(W) x 9-10cm(H) (measurements are approx.)
Product number: 10011