Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Koi Pond Bowl

280 AUD / In stock.
When I observed the Koi in the large ponds, as the water reflects, they seem to shine in dark water. Making a splash once a while, lining up the bowls, capturing Koi swimming in the pond. 

I wanted the Koi to stand out from the form, using glossy glaze to create the red scales that shine through the water. Making a splash as it swims pass you, you can see the white drop of water splashed.

One of the two left were treated with a shimming glaze, like the reflective water in motion. To create to sense of life, Koi living in the pond. Feel the motion as it swims around, they always gives such welcome. 

Size: 32cm (W) x 9cm(H) (measurements are approx.)

Product number: 10005