Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Four Elements Series- Water (Vase set)

220 AUD / In stock.
Four Elements Series - Water

Part of the "Inspired by nature" series I have been developing, the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind.

The gradient white to blue of the vase symbolize the ocean stratification, from the 0-200 meter Epipelagic, 200-1000 meter Mesopelagic, 1000-4000 meter Bathypelagic, and where the light does not hit 4000-6000 meter Abyssalpelagic. 

I like to make things in pairs, it's nice to have a company in life.

Price includes the two vases, one big tall vase and one small vase.

Size: 17cm x 11cm and 9cm x 6cm (measurements are approx.)

Product number: 10028