Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Four Elements Series - Water (Large Vase)

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Four Elements - Water
Part of the inspired by nature series I have been developing: water, fire, earth and wind. Translucent pure white body symbolize the purity of water. Powerful glossy blue strokes creates the feeling of the movement of water, splashes of the river, the strength of waterfalls and the waves from the ocean. Display has been arranged for them to interact with each other.

By using different materials, ways of firing and glazes to create simple but sophisticated pieces that express the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Which relate and communicate with each other, creating harmony when it's together but still a whole on its own. The pieces are to convey that each elements are an individual, like people; in a different state, different personalities that forms our world. We may congregate or stand alone, but we all communicate with each other in some ways.

The shape of the sphere represents the whole of a person with and opening to communicate with others. Become a whole within yourself, but still fits in, reminding us we are part of something like each of the elements. I would like you to feel the warmth when you see the "Fire" piece, like when you meet a vibrant person. Imagine the sound of water and picture the splash when you see the "Water" piece, etc...

Further using glazes to convey the different colors that each elements may be, triggering thoughts process and interact with the viewer, makes you want to touch the pieces.

Size: 20cm (W) x 18cm(H) (measurements are approx.)
Product number: 10006 & 10007