Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang


Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang

Unique functional ceramic handmade by Isabella Wang.
"Hsiu" means gem like stone, it's the last word of my mandarin name, in hope that my work would be a gem to it's collector. 

Based in Melbourne, Isabella has been making pottery since it was introduced to her by her mother at a very young age. Pieces are inspired by nature and her trips around the world.  Fusing the western minimalist style, with strong influence of Japanese's "wabisabi" ethos and the her Taiwanese heritage, you can find these elements balanced throughout her work. 

Studies - Initial development that may led to the Series. 

Series - Collections that would make me proud to say it's my work, that bares the mark "Hsiu". 
Seconds - Pieces that have minor flaws by my view that doesn't make it in the Series, flaws such as inconsistent glaze or imperfect "imperfect form". You may just be very delighted by the uniqueness of the piece.